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Fire Fighting And Fire Alarm Solution

Fire Fighting And Fire Alarm Solution

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Here's a possible content based on your request: "At GENTEC, we don't just comply with codes. We go beyond that by providing technologically advanced systems that are easy to install, service, and own. Our commitment to simplifying the customer experience is reflected in our adaptable, scalable, and reliable products.

GENTEC Corp. is a leading provider of fire protection and fire alarm systems in Egypt. We offer a wide range of products from well-known companies in the USA, UK, and Europe that comply with specifications and customer requirements. Our commitment to providing the best quality approved products at competitive prices has made us a trusted partner for businesses and organizations across the country. Contact us today to learn more about how we can you protect your property and people



Fireaway Inc. commercializes STATX condensed aerosol technology for use in innovative extinguishing systems and new fire-fighting strategies. The company embarked on an assertive program to further enhance the premier aerosol formulation in the world


Viking is renowned for the development, manufacturing, sales, and distribution of excellent fire protection technologies and has been a dependable partner in fire protection for many decades

S T I 

S T I offers a wide range of products that are designed for protection against false fire alarms without restricting legitimate operation
grooved fitting


W P T Provide Ductile iron grooved fitting  and ERW Pipes according to American stander , UL LISTED and FM Approved



GENTEC Provide Fire hose reel Lpcb -UK Certefied , trusted ,including new water way and Pressure gage



UL/FM Gate Valves 14"-24"

UL/FM Butterfly Valves 

UL/FM Fire hydrant Dry Barrel the industry in quality and service, guaranteed

And Others...

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