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Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Chilled Water System

chillers have been successfully applied in some of the most demanding,  recognizable applications in the world. From the world’s largest ice thermal storage facility to the mine shafts of North Africa to many of the most famous landmark buildings of the world, we have the experience to help you.

 Condensing Unit

The perfect refrigerant components for all air conditioning applications that use DX central station air handling. They are designed for outdoor installation. Each unit includes hermetic scroll compressors, an air-cooled condenser, and a weather-resistant microprocessor control center, all on a formed steel base.

Indoor Packaged

You can improve your building’s energy savings through the use of high-quality, energy-efficient products. Indoor packaged HVAC equipment is highly efficient, quality-engineered and dependable products in an offering that includes air- and water-cooled

Fire Fighting And Fire Alarm Solution

Fire Fighting And Fire Alarm Solution

تشغيل الفيديو

If your internal space is limited, rooftop HVAC units maintain temperature control without an intrusive footprint inside your building.  units are flexible products that can be installed in a range of locations for a variety of applications.HVAC units can not only be curb mounted on a roof but also adapted for slab mounting at ground level and for setting on steel beams above a finished roof. 


Variable Refrigerant Flow systems (VRF) means you can install HVAC units that aren’t limited by ductwork runs.
Each VRF system makes it possible to provide separate control across multiple zones of your building. As a result, VRF systems are routinely used within larger buildings such as schools, hotels and nursing homes, where specific areas of the building have their own heating and cooling requirements.​


Our industrial refrigeration systems bring food to your favorite supermarket by providing essential industrial cooling equipment to the food processing industry. We also build the unique industrial refrigeration systems required to move gas through pipelines, produce energy, manufacture chemicals and nearly all of the items we use in our daily lives.

​Textil Air Distribution Duct

FabricAir® Dispersion Systems employ fabric to deliver conditioned air to a wide variety of applications with varying individual requirements. FabricAir® Ducts can be installed using a number of different suspension systems which allow easy installation and rapid removal for washing and maintenance.

Dampers, shutter & Louvers

Dampers, shutters & louvers are available in standard configurations to meet the highest level of performance while ensuring aesthetic appeal. The comprehensive line is designed for the best airflow control in commercial HVAC and industrial systems.


Balancing Valves

An automatic balancing valve uses the latest flow technology to ensure that the design flow rate is achieved at all times irrespective of any pressure changes within the system.

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